Festival Overview

축제 개요

제9회 부산갈맷길국제걷기축제 포스터
  • Name : The 9th Busan Galmaetgil international walking festival
  • Date : November 2, 2019 (Sat) 09:00~17:00 (Opening ceremony 10:30)
  • Venue : Waterside Square at SPO1 Park
  • Course : 5Km Course, 10Km Course, 20Km Course
  • Application Fee : 10,000 won (Same fee for adults, youth, children)
  • Host : The Busan Walking Federation, KNN
  • Supervision : The Busan Walking Federation, Galmaetgil international walking festival promotion committee
  • Official certified by : IML WA (IML Walking Association), KWF (Korea Walking Federation)
  • Participants : 5,000 (Anyone can participate in this event regardless of nationality, age or gender)
  • Contact : Busan Walking Federation 051-320-1833 | KNN 051-850-9929
  • Volunteer-related
  • ※ Notice of the following changes to the issuance of service hours for this festival.
  • - As part of the "Love Sharing for underprivileged"
  • - the 10km and 20km courses are too long, so the participating courses will be recognized 5km(2 hours) for the first 100 people only.
  • - Participation fee is free of charge. To issue a service certificate, you must apply in advance on the 1365 Volunteer Service website(www.1365.go.kr)

  • ※ Service activity authentication method is as follows.
  • - Portal site Daum Cafe 'Busan Metropolitan City Association' search > Volunteer activities > Mandatory checks during service life > Upload three photos of campaign activities and environmental cleanup activities > service hours payment after Participate.
  • - For pre-volunteer applicants on the 1365 home page during the period between October 1st and October 08th, refund of participation fee will be processed in batches during the period after the event.
  • Festival Schedule
  • Date
    Major Events

    11. 02(Sat)
    Check & Register participants

    Waterside Square at SPO1 Park
    Warm-up exercises for 20km
    10:00 ~
    Departure for 20km
    Opening ceremony
    10:40 ~ 11:00 Departure ceremony & Warm-up exercises for 10km/5km
    11:00 ~ Departure for 10km
    11:15 ~ Departure for 5km
    11:00 ~ 13:00 Radienteering
    13:00 ~ 16:00 Celebration performance, Closing ceremony

    ※ The above schedule may be subject to change, depending on the circumstances.

  • Additional Events' Schedule
  • Event Name

    Health Promotion Program

    Posture correction for correct walking

    School of Excercise Prescription, Donseo University
    Correction of Body Posture and sports massage
    Measuring body fat & Nutrition counseling
    Learn about blood pressure & blood sugar
    Exercise prescription test & Measuring body composition

    Chronic disease diagnosis & prevention

    Prevention & management for muscloskeletal disease

    Experience Program

    Face painting

    External Participation Agencies

    Natural dyeing & Chrysanthemum exhibit
    Photography gallery exhibit
    Traditional Clothes experience
    Handcraft-making experience
    Wheelchair Rugby Experience
    Food Zone
    Fodd truck & Food court

    ※ The above schedule may be subject to change, depending on the circumstances.

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