Participant Note

참가자 유의사항

Application Instructions

  • Pre-registration period : September 23, 2019 10:00 a.m ~
  • Application closing is 5,000 people on a first-come, first-served basis based on making a deposit.
  • Individual participation: the application should be submitted via the web-site page.
  • Group participation: more than two people can be applied as a group, and payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer.
  • Foreigner participation: the application should be submitted via online or E-Mail.
  • Eligible participants & Participation Restriction
    ➀ Eligible participants-anyone who can finish the applied course.
    ➁ Participation Restriction-a person with heart or kidney disease, tuberculosis, pleurisy, cerebral anemia, fainting, and infectious disease, or all those who have a disease that is unsuitable for a marathon or in need of caution.
  • After clicking the “Confirm/Edit the Participation Application”, you can check whether you participate in the individual or group.
  • You can only modify your application until the closing date otherwise cannot modify.
  • Contact : The Busan Walking Federation : 051-320-1833 | KNN : 051-850-9929 | E-Mail :

  • Supplies for participants

  • Gifts
    all participants will receive gifts, number tags and leaflets.
  • Distribution method
    all gifts and number tags (participants' numbers) will be onsite distribution.
  • Obligation to attach the number tags
    participants must attach the official number tag issued by the festival organizer to their chest. It also cannot be arbitrarily produced or tampered. If you don't attach a number tag, or tamper or damage this, you cannot participate in the festival.

  • Participants' physical condition check

  • Participants must be healthy enough to complete the course applied. You may have heart disease without your knowledge, therefore, we recommend you to take medical checkups beforehand. In some cases, the festival headquarter may require participants to submit a medical examination report as needed. We have already taken out an insurance policy on the injury, but please take care of your health, and stop immediately if you feel any abnormalities while walking. Apart from the injury insurance, we are not responsible for anything, so please make your own decision on whether or not you can participate in the festival through medical institutions.

  • Guide on departure & arrival

  • Departure
    - All pre-registered persons should Check & Register at the operating headquarter.
    - In case of attending halfway the festival (on-site participants, etc.), the record will not be recognized.
    - Please walk along the sidewalk while walking.
    - For distance marks, please refer to the course map of distributed leaflets.
    - At departure, congestion may happen. Accordingly, please walk slowly with ease of mind as it is not a record competition.
  • Arrival
    All participants should finish the course in 6 hours (10:00 - 16:00) and arrive at the gathering place.
  • Disqualification
    Eligibility for participation will be disqualified if any of the following conditions are found.
    ① In case of missing the number tag
    ② In case of damaging the number tag
    ③ In case of participating by a proxy
    ④ When deviating from a course without stamping each course
    ⑤ When taking other means of transportation (bicycles, vehicles, etc.) or others' help
    ⑥ When found out other misbehavior

  • Other details

  • Traffic controls:
    Any two-wheeled vehicles (including all kinds of vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles) for supporting and coaching will be prohibited to operate, except for festival vehicles. Though, two-wheeled vehicles for broadcasting are an exception. Any vehicles for proceeding the festival should attach a sticker in front of vehicles which the festival headquarter issued.
  • Festival cancellation
  • Even in the case of rain, the events will be held.
  • If a natural disaster occurs, the festival will be stopped and canceled, and no refunds will be made.
  • Personal supplies
    Please prepare the personal supplies such as packed lunch and snacks, water, and raincoat (in case of rain), etc.

  • Bank Account

  • Please deposit the application fee to below bank account.
  • Account holder : (주)KNN
  • Account number BNK Busan Bank BNK 부산은행
  • Type
    Account No.
    Individuals 168-01-000069-9
    Groups 168-01-000072-8
  • When depositing the application fee, individual participants should deposit with his/her own name and birth year i.e. Hong Gil Dong1976, and Group teams should deposit with the team name. We hope there is no misunderstanding.

  • The refund recipients of the cancellation

  • The refund recipients of the cancellation will only be eligible for cancellation by October 30, 2019, except for all expenses (10%) such as remittance fees, and will not be refunded to those who apply for cancellation after October 30, 2019.
    * Refunds will be processed in batches within the refund period (within a month after the completion of the competition).
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